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CRM – Customer relationship management

Because we all love happy customers.
Your customer wants to be permanently informed about the whereabouts of his goods, which are being transported in your vehicles. You don’t want to designate an employee to remain in touch with this customer to let him know where the vehicles are at all times, but you want to satisfy the customer’s request and stay ahead of your competition.

How we can help you

With Frotcom’s CRM, you can create tracking tickets, special permissions that will allow your special customers to have free access to the whereabouts of the vehicles transporting their goods.

No need for them to be calling you every five minutes with "where are you" calls and no need for you to allocate staff resource to keep them informed.

Whenever you create a tracking ticket – which is a very simple operation – you are able to select the client that will receive the tracking ticket by email. After that, the client will be able to see the whereabouts of the vehicle, in real time, until the service is ended – or whenever the tracking ticket is cancelled.

How it works

The CRM module in Frotcom includes two folders:

  • Clients
    Create and manage information about your company’s clients. Some of this information can be used by Frotcom to facilitate the creation of your tracking tickets.

  • Tracking tickets
    Create, send and manage tracking tickets. Tracking tickets allow external users to monitor the whereabouts of their cargo. Each time you create a tracking ticket, the corresponding contacts in your client will receive an email with a link to a Frotcom map. 
Clicking on the embedded link will immediately open a special Frotcom map dedicated to tracking this customer’s vehicles.


Help your team help your clients
With CRM and tracking tickets, no one on your team needs to respond to customer queries regarding the whereabouts of their cargo or arrival time. They will already know.
Happy clients
Customer satisfaction is paramount. Your customers will love to have direct knowledge of vehicle positions and estimated arrival times. They will plan better and your turnaround time will improve between jobs.

Contact us today and let's put time back in to your business and keep your clients smiling