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As much or as little as you want from GPS Tracking

Frotcom's software contains all the features you need to manage your fleet, whatever the industry you work in. It really can be as little or as much as you need to get your fleet costs under control.

GPS vehicle and asset tracking

The essential features that every fleet manager needs to manage a fleet efficiently.
manage fleet costs effectively
reporting to put you in the driving seat
GPS vehicle tracking
trailer and asset tracking
route planning, optimisation and monitoring
find your nearest vehicle

manage your drivers more effectively

Managing your drivers is just as important as managing your vehicles.

Are they adhering to the Working Time Directive?
Are they driving safely?
Are they leaving home and getting home at the times they say?
Are they using the vehicles for personal journeys?

Frotcom provides the tools for you to run a safe and compliant fleet and care for your drivers well-being.


Caring for your drivers safety and wellbeing is essential for a happy and productive workforce.

Protect them as well as your valuable assets with Frotcom.
monitor fuel
panic buttons
temperature monitoring
vehicle immobilisation

Fleet Intelligence

Gain insightful information to propel your fleet management to a new level.

Customer relationship management

Exceed your client expectations with automated features to keep them informed and stop all those "where are you" calls.

Other features

Real time fleet information on the awesome Frotcom TV and link your tracking to existing software to streamline your operations.
Contact us today and let's go through your requirements and select your hardware options.