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Fleet analytics

It’s not magic. It’s analytics.
Things change in business and it can be very challenging.
Frotcom allows you to make logical and sensible decisions on your fleet management when this happens.

How we can help you

Frotcom Analytics digs through the huge pile of historic data generated during the tracking of your vehicles. By using data mining methodologies, you are presented with insightful information about your fleet, which would be very hard, if not impossible, to obtain by simple observation or would take weeks to compile manually.

Let's face it, we are all busy and it can be hard to put everything else on hold to compile data that Frotcom can present to you in minutes.

Businesses are increasingly tapping into their own growing databases in search of useful and actionable insights about their own operations to cut costs, boost revenue or both. Frotcom Analytics is Frotcom’s answer to this need.

Frotcom Analytics is an add-on product to Frotcom that allows you to explore the hidden knowledge buried deep in your fleet’s data. 

How it works

By correlating data and applying other data mining techniques, Frotcom Analytics can detect data patterns and proactively inform your decisions.

Frotcom Analytics offers the following features:
  • Trip outliers
    Analytics helps you detect when vehicles perform abnormally, for instance spending more on fuel than historically, for a certain trip. It also helps you to evaluate how much additional cost was incurred as a result of that discrepancy.

  • Frequent Trips
    Building on the idea of trip outliers, Frotcom Analytics also provides a feature to inspect the most frequent trips your fleet travels. 

    You might be interested to learn that between two locations, and in the same direction, your vehicles often travel using different roads. 

    And how much does all this cost your company each month?

  • Spot relocation
    The spot relocation feature allows you to calculate the impact of changing the location of any point of interest on mileage and cost, be it your own office/warehouse, a customer’s warehouse, and so on. You will be able, for instance, to decide where your office should be located to minimise your fleet’s monthly mileage and associated costs.


Automatically spot and eliminate inefficient routes
Frotcom Analytics detects automatically – even when no route planning is used – when any of your vehicles travels from A to B along an irregular path, one that is usually not taken by your other vehicles. This is usually a sign that something needs to be investigated. Why did the driver take another route? You will even know the additional cost of this irregular route so you can immediately correct and avoid inefficient trips, saving a lot of money in the process.
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