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Trailers & other Assets

You can either use stand-alone battery powered devices or have devices that will automatically register when a trailer is attached to a tractor for simplicity itself.
Do you really know where each trailer, and more importantly, you clients consignment is, has been and when it is going to arrive?

 With Frotcom you will know which trailer is connected to which asset and a full history to allow you to automate your customer service to a new level.

You can even "share" visibility with clients to stop all those "where are you" calls that chew up your time and cost you money.

How we can help you

That’s why many companies need not only to control their vehicles, but also other valuable assets, such as trailers, containers, or freight wagons.

As well as tracking your vehicle's activity, we understand it can be just as important to track your trailers and other valuable assets too.

Either stand-alone or with the automatic coupling to a tracking device within the tractor unit, Frotcom can simplify your operations putting valuable time back in to your business.

How it works

The Frotcom solution comes in two variations, battery powered stand-alone or with the added functionality of automatic coupling to the tractor unit.

See real time and historical coupling of trailer to tractor at the push of a button.

This superb feature really simplifies things for you so you can see which trailer, or load, is with which tractor unit, when, where and how long for adding an extra level of management information for you to benefit from.


Automate and simplify manual processes
No more, where is that trailer, or who's got that load, Frotcom simplifies this by automating it for your team.

Improve visibility and accountability of trailers and assets in the supply chain
Know where your trailers and loads are and have been at all times.
Recover stolen assets
With visibility of trailers as well as tractor units you have double the chance of recovery if a load is stolen.

Reduce your trailer fleet
Do you really need to pay for that extra trailer they are crying out for?  You can see what utilisation your trailer fleet is running at and if your existing fleet can be re-deployed rather than added to.
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