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GPS tracking

As much or as little as you need for your fleet.
Occupational driving is one of the biggest risks to a business and is consistently put to the bottom of the "to do" list and even ignored as a business duty of care.

It is so difficult legislatively now to not utilise the information GPS tracking provides to manage risk on your own vehicles and staff owned vehicles used for business journeys.

Remove the grey, reduce your costs and protect your brand with GPS tracking.

How we help

Accurate information on where, when and how your vehicles are being driven puts you in control of your fleet.  

Using the information we provide will save you money and time on what is likely to be your second highest business cost after your staff.

Dependent on the make up, operations and requirements of your fleet will determine which GPS tracking solution is best for each vehicle within your fleet.

Different requirements and options can be applied to each vehicle and viewed within the same online portal or on Frotcom's app.

As long as you have the internet, you're in control of your fleet 24/7.

There are a host of hardware options to suit every need and vehicle type.

Automated alarms, where, when, how long, reporting, driver behaviour, the list goes on as to what you can achieve within the Frotcom platform.

For HGV's you'll really benefit from the CanBus data to effectively manage your fuel consumption as well as real time Tachograph information and Remote Tachograph download to manage your driver hours and Working Time Directive.  

Forget Friday afternoon's manually downloading your tacho information, it will automatically send the ddd files to Frotcom so you can make much better use of your time.

How it works

The trackers that are installed feed data into your software.

This data is accessed in real time and historically within the web based software or the app to provide you with key information on your operations.
There are a host of additional options to meet more specialist requirements 
  • Tachograph integration
  • Garmin integration
  • CanBus
  • Temperature sensors
  • Open-door sensors
  • Fuel-level sensors
  • Most digital sensors (ones with only two states: on/off, open/closed, high/low, etc.)
  • Most analog sensors (ones that measure a variable that varies continuously over time)
Main features
  • All-included real-time tracking solution
  • GPRS communications
  • GPS positioning
  • Ignition status 
  • Inputs for many different sensors (optional)
  • Multi-language support
  • Smartphone app for fleet managers
  • Graph and table views of speed and sensor data
  • Automatic reports delivered by email
  • Automatic alarms by email


Simple and easy to use
Such a user friendly software suite makes it a simple task to control costs whilst increasing productivity across your fleet

Reduce fuel spend
By managing your routes, unauthorised use and driver behaviour your fuel consumption will improve, your costs will reduce on fuel and maintenance and your productivity is very likely to improve at the same time.
Putting you in control
Real time and historical data at your fingertips and the sophisticated route planning tool helps you manage your fleet much more effectively.

Making our roads safer
By managing how your vehicles are driven you identify high risk drivers and can utilise driver training (please ask and we can introduce you to our partners at Specialist Training).  Better driving means less accidents and safer roads (40% of all UK accidents involve vehicles being used for work)
Contact us today and let's see which hardware option is best suited to your needs.