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Integrated navigation system

Full integration with the onboard navigation terminals.
Your company has to pick up a load from a customer’s premises. You check the closest available vehicle. With the click of a button, you send the location to your driver’s navigation device, along with clear instructions. As soon as he stops, he will be able to accept and initiate the job. 

Do you see how simple, clear, safe and economical it is?

How we can help you

Frotcom’s integrated navigation module is your solution when you need to communicate with your drivers in a simple, clear and economical way, while providing a navigation instrument that avoids routing mistakes.

Frotcom’s Integrated navigation enables interaction between fleet managers and drivers via a navigator in the vehicle. 

You can send destinations to the vehicle’s navigatoion device (clients, suppliers, sites or others, along with instructions).

Your drivers will be able to read and reply to messages received from the office, or create and send new messages. They will also be able to select a destination point received from the office and navigate to it.

In fact, if your company policy allows it, drivers can also exchange messages to avoid phone calls.

How it works

The Integrated navigation module provides Frotcom with an interface for a range of Garmin navigation devices, allowing not only interaction between the office and drivers via texting, but also the possibility of navigation to destinations received from the office.

The Frotcom GPS device in the vehicle is connected to the Garmin navigation device. Most Garmin navigators compatible with Fleet Management There is a comprehensive range of Garmin devices available dependent on your requirements, budget and vehicle type.
Destinations such as loading and unloading sites can be sent directly from Frotcom to a driver’s navigation device, along with written instructions. The driver simply presses the Go key on the touch screen to navigate to the received location.
Two types of destination messages can be sent from the office: Frotcom places (points of interest such as customer locations) and free map addresses.
Text messages can also be sent and received, as a safer, cheaper and more efficient alternative to phone calls, especially in the case of international transports.
Text messages are immediately displayed on the navigator and the driver will be able to reply.
A flag icon will be displayed on the navigator to indicate arrival of a new destination.
All messages, both sent and received, are kept within the web based Frotcom software for future reference.
Main features
  • Easy to use navigation (truck versions available too)
  • Destinations and instructions sent to the drivers, from the office
  • Text communication between the office and drivers; and between drivers, if permitted by your company
  • All outgoing and incoming messages saved for future reference
  • Delivery reports for all messages
  • Flat monthly fee: use as many destinations and messages as you need without extra costs


Reduce fuel consumption
Drivers can navigate directly to their destinations; no more driving around.

Get there on time
Getting lost on the way to a customer is a thing of the past; be there on time and improve customer satisfaction.  Truck nav available on certain devices.

A better way to communicate
Text the driver, and receive texts in return – simpler, clearer and more securely.
Save on phone calls
You don’t have to spell out addresses to your drivers over the phone; just text them using Frotcom. The Integrated navigation module is based on a flat monthly fee. You can send as many messages and destinations as you want.

Increase productivity & safety
Your drivers will be able to complete more orders without extra effort – and use their time more efficiently.
You don't need to call them so you're going to reduce distractions and be running a safer fleet.
Contact us today and let's go through the different Garmin devices that are available on Frotcom