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Mobile workforce management

Work smarter, not harder with Frotcom
Utilising technology to manage your workforce smarter provides an extra level of client satisfaction to put you ahead of your competition and put hours of valuable time back into your operations.

Automating data and client updates not only makes you look good, it keeps your clients informed and reduces tedious tasks that are currently a manual process.

How we can help you

The Mobile workforce management module allows you to dispatch jobs or tasks to your drivers in an easy and effective way. Then, track these jobs in real time as each one progresses. Your customers will appreciate the control you have over each job being carried out and the level of service you provide.

On the vehicle side, your driver receives a new job through his onboard tablet. He analyses the job details and accepts it by touching the Start button. From that moment on, the tablet will guide the driver through all the planned stages until the operation is concluded. 

Additional options in the tablet include navigation and messaging, among others. 

Back in the office, you are able to follow up on each job’s completion in real time. 

In fact, the Mobile workforce management module’s flexibility allows you to define the exact workflows expected for each type of task, as well as the exact electronic forms that need to be filled in by your drivers in such diverse circumstances as deliveries, refueling, waiting periods and so forth. You can configure it to meet your company’s specific needs and receive real time information or proof of delivery without having to wait for that paperwork to return to base to raise your invoice.

How it works

The Workforce management module provides an interface for Android onboard tablets, allowing jobs to be dispatched to the appropriate drivers/vehicles/teams in real time. 

In addition, text messaging is also available, improving communication and message storage for future reviews.
The onboard tablet includes a completely integrated navigation module, so that your drivers can navigate to job or task locations or any other address specific to the vehicle they are driving.
A very user-friendly interface on the tablet guides drivers to progress from one task stage to the next. In real time, this information is available in Frotcom. Your office know the exact stage of each job at any point in time.
Incoming text messages, jobs or alerts are immediately displayed on the tablet.
Main features
  • Job dispatching
  • Easy-to-use integrated navigation (truck versions available)
  • Two-way text communication between office and drivers
  • Automatic warnings when the job status is not compatible with the movement of the vehicle
  • Alarms displayed on the tablet (for example, driving behavior alarms in response to sudden accelerations)
  • Completely customisable workflows for each job type


Dispatch jobs easily and monitor them
Assign jobs to the appropriate vehicle/drivers and then monitor the progression of each job against the plan for the day.

Document every step of the way
Collect forms from the field at each milestone: proof of delivery, refused jobs, refueling, waiting, etc.
Reduce fuel consumption and get there on time
Drivers can navigate directly to their destinations using the integrated navigation device, with routing specific to their vehicle. No more time wasted driving around.

Increase productivity
Your drivers will be able to complete more orders without extra strain.
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