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Multi-fleet management

Manage both yours and your subcontracted fleets through a single system.
If you have to manage your own fleet and also subcontracted fleets, you need to monitor all vehicles at the same time.  

You need to access the whereabouts and activities of all the vehicles, receive notifications when something is not quite right, or even interact with drivers through messaging, in a single system.

Know exactly what you can demand of your fleet and subcontracted vehicles. 

How we can help you

Frotcom's Multi-fleet management has been developed for companies like yours. It is targeted at road transport  and logistics companies with subcontracted fleets, wishing to monitor the traffic of its subcontractors through a single system. 
Multi-fleet management allows you to:
  • View simultaneously your vehicles and subcontracted vehicles through a single system
  • Access the whereabouts, activities, and availability of all your vehicles and assets
  • Receive notifications when something is not right
  • Interact with both yours and your subcontracted drivers through messaging 
  • Have access to useful Fleet management reports of the subcontracted fleets 

How it works

Frotcom allows you to create users that can simultaneously manage vehicles from several accounts. These are Multi-fleet users. 
Multi-fleet users can have simultaneous access to vehicles of their own companies and vehicles of aggregated companies.
Frotcom Multi-fleet management provides Multi-fleet users access to the following operations and sections of Frotcom:
GPS fleet tracking
See the whereabouts and activities of all or part of the vehicles, and detailed information about each vehicle, including the most recent activity and the path traveled. 
Fleet alarms
Be notified when something is quite not right with vehicles in your fleet or subcontracted vehicles.
Communication with drivers
Interact with drivers through messaging.
Fleet management reports
the following reports are available in Multi-fleet management mode: 
  • Daily summary report
  • Virtual odometer report (GPS)
  • Doorway report
  • Open door alarms report
  • Inadequate temperatures report
  • Digital inputs report
  • CANBus report
  • Analog input report
  • Appointments report
  • Seal operation report
  • CANBus - Driver work states report
  • Temperature report


Optimize operations
Easily check the performance and what needs to be corrected or improved both in your fleet and sub-contracted fleets. 

A better way to communicate
Text the drivers, and receive texts in return - simpler, clearer, and more secure, while keeping a record of all communications made.
Better business planning
Know exactly what you can demand of your fleet and your subcontracted fleet.
Contact us today if visibility of your sub-contracted fleets, representing your company to your clients is important to you