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When you mustn’t forget key information.
As a fleet manager, you need to write this information down before you forget it: the driver just mentioned that there seems to be a problem with the back door of the trailer. You need to associate this information with the trailer and have someone from the workshop inspect it.

Keep it simple and in one place with Frotcom

How we can help you

Every day, you have hundreds of interactions with drivers, clients and co-workers. As a fleet manager, you need to take notes.

You also need to organise those notes. You want to easily find out what you or a fellow traffic planner, wrote in the past about a particular vehicle or driver, for instance.

Frotcom’s Notebook allows you to keep track of those notes, by associating them with the entity they refer to (e.g. a vehicle) and later on to search those notes and share them with your colleagues if needed.

How it works

Simply open the Notebook folder and enter your notes.

You can add free text notes to the details of vehicles, drivers, places and clients, in addition to creating generic notes. Notes will remain registered until removed by you or another user with the privileges to do so.
You can filter notes by date, by type (All / Vehicles / Drivers / Places / Clients / Generic), or by user (note author), and you can search freely for any text. When filtering by type, you can also select a certain item of the selected type.
Main features
  • Write down notes and associate them with vehicles, drivers or other entities
  • Easily search for notes you wrote in the past
  • Share your notes with your colleagues


Avoid forgotten issues
Keep track of every issue related to vehicles, drivers, clients or others.

Improve team communication
Share notes with fellow dispatchers and fleet managers.
Avoid costs from inaction
By avoiding situations where issues are not taken care of, you can avoid costs resulting from inaction, such as unfulfilled client requests or vehicle problems that are not inspected and corrected.
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